Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Student Journo Program: CWR Virtual Cultural XChange

I found another great program for student journos! Check out the excerpt below.
The CWR Virtual Cultural XChange (VCX) Program is just as the name suggests, a cultural exchange program that uses telecommunications and Internet technology to allow student journalists from different countries including, Brazil, China, Nigeria, the U.S.A., and other countries to exchange cultural information and network with each other without ever leaving home. The intent is for the participants to learn about each other’s cultures and then to share what they are learning with our CWR readers and to take our readers on a virtual journey to learn about the different participating countries, their cultures, and their people, through the experiences of the participating students sharing what they have learned, and through a systematic program developed for students to write about a different aspect of their culture and people each month in The College World Reporter.
The director of the program told me that the program has been very successful among students that form groups with others that attend their university. I plan on applying and any other student reading this should consider doing the same. Also, if any student at Georgia State is considering applying for this program and would like to form a group with me, email me at aatwell3@student.gsu.edu.

Email TheCWR@CWRMagOnline.com for more information.

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