Monday, October 17, 2011

Follicle Chronicles: My hair in Philly

The natural hair struggle is real, y'all. At least it was in Philadelphia.

Due to busyness and procrastination, I didn't get a chance to wash and twist my hair before I was able to catch my plane. I figured I would be able to work something out and find the time to do something to my hair when I arrived. I was wrong. I was barely in the hotel room for an hour before someone burst into the door and I heard, "Get up! Get dressed! You're going to a reception with me." It was Benet Wilson a.k.a. our beloved Aunt Benet and I wasn't going to say no to Auntie so I got up, got dressed and did some weird tuck thing to my hair. Not my best job, but it worked!

Here's a picture:
Me and Auntie at the reception. Picture courtesy of Andrew Humphrey

I thought this hairdo would be a one-time thing. I was wrong. One thing I learned during my stay in Philly was the convention will keep a person busy! I barely had time to take a breath let alone twist my hair up. As a result, I wore the style for another day. 

I ended up hating it so I decided to throw some chunky twists in my hair and hope for the best in the morning. Thank goodness for the twist-out. My hair came out looking like this:
It lasted until the day I left to go home. 

I'm determined to do better. How? I might try the following

Wear it straight
I suck at using heat in my hair so it would have to be done by someone else. My hair hasn't been straight in over a year because I don't want to damage it. Hopefully, one of the people I'm rooming with will know her way around a flat iron without frying my tresses.

I love twists, twist-outs and my fro but I think I need to be a tad more versatile especially for social and business functions. Looks like it's time for me to peruse a few blogs and Youtube channels. I might whip out my perm rod and rollers and improve my rollersetting skills. 

Hopefully, I'll be more prepared for NOLA. 

NABJ naturals, what did you do with your tresses in Philly? What are you going to do for NOLA?

Side note: See that little box on the top hand corner? It's connected to my Road to NOLA fund. If you're so inclined, spare a dollar or two. No amount is too big or small. It all counts!

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