Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just throw it in the bag....

Poor thing. It has seen better days. 

I was elated when I got my NABJ backpack in Philly. To me, that bag was the ultimate souvenir. I felt a little burst of pride as I rolled it around Philadelphia with my convention badge hanging around my neck. The handle is a tad short, but that didn't stop me from taking to all of my workshops. Even now, that backpack has become my computer bag. Whenever I want to take Coco, my laptop, on campus, I bring out the NABJ bag and Coco is able to roll through Atlanta with me. Sadly, due to wear and tear, I will be retiring the bag soon. Thankfully, I'll be getting another in NOLA and a little birdie told me that convention planners want feedback from members about next year's bags. Personally, I wouldn't mind another backpack as along as the handle is a tad longer. 

What about you? What do you want to carry in NOLA?

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