Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kumbaya...or not.

President Times and other members

My preparation for this trip has enticed me to get more involved with NABJ and become active in its online community. I regularly check Twitter hashtags and peruse every NABJ-affiliated fanpage on my Facebook.

Consequently, I've noticed something about the NABJ online community. It seems unless someone is promoting their own project, members are not that engaging online. The only group that seems to attempt to regularly engage each other are the student members. Otherwise, only a select few try to forge any type of online community.

As I learn more about NABJ, my love for the organization grows but I hate that I have only three NABJ members on my Twitter page that I speak to regularly and none on my Facebook. Perhaps, it's something that I'm doing or not doing but I don't want to wait until August to be able to fellowship with other members. When I go to the convention, I want to be able to recognize some faces. Although I will be networking and making career connections, I want to leave the convention with a couple of budding friendships. I am sure there are other members that wish to do the same.

What do you think? If you want to link up, leave some contact information in the comments section!


  1. I agree with you Ashleigh! I live n Atlanta now and I aspire to attend convention as well. My efforts towards that aren't as forward as yours, but hopefully I can make it there. Feel free to email me when it's convenient for you: v.n.wade@eagle.clarion.edu :)

  2. I'm always looking to connect with other student members. Like you said, it's easier to attend the convention when you see some familiar faces. My twitter is @UgonnaOkpalaoka..feel free to talk anytime!

  3. Ashleigh,

    I love what you're doing with this blog. And you're right, we want NABJ members to engage more online and members like you will help. Send us your ideas.

    Irving Washington
    Program Manager, NABJ