Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Motivation: Why I Chose to go to Philly

I didn't know a NABJ convention existed until last summer. One of my friends was attending the San Diego convention and mentioned it frequently on Twitter. Her tweets piqued my initial interest and I looked the convention up. As I perused the convention's program guide and itinerary, I started to feel a little envious of my friend and I swore that I would attend at least one convention before I graduate from college. That promise was forgotten until about a month ago.

I began to follow more NABJ-affiliated Twitter and Facebook pages after I joined the organization a few weeks ago and members were starting to mention the convention again. Initially, I wrote it off as too expensive and I wasn't going to go. I did some thinking and bounced a couple of ideas off of my friend that I mentioned earlier and I decided I would do whatever it takes to get to that convention. I decided to treat it like an investment in my career, similar to how I view going to college.  I was also excited that I would have an opportunity to fellowship and network with Black journalists from all walks of life.

This trip will also mark the first time I will be travelling without the company of my whole family. It will also be my first time travelling outside of the South. This scares and excited me at the same time but I think I am ready for this experience.

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