Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Direction

My newest tee. It's available at my CafePress.

I was thisclose to stopping my t-shirt operation.

My shop is currently hosted on Cafepress, a well-known printing website. The site is relatively easy to use and has other benefits, but I feel like it isn't the right place for me to start a business. It just seems like a place to put random pictures on random objects and although selling tees started out as just a fundraising method, I can see myself doing this after my trip. Trying to keep my t-shirt operation together has become another project for me, in addition to my planning this trip. To put it simply, this is my hustle and I'm serious about it.

Usually, when I find out something isn't going to be easy or handed to me, I quit before I can fail. That habit has saved me a lot of heartbreak but it has stunted my growth and left me a with a few regrets. I'm hoping this won't be one of them. I'm determined for this not to be one of them. 

But I didn't feel that way this morning and I hadn't for the past few days. My worrisome nature began to rear its ugly head and I was ready to give up and try something else. I expressed some of my feeling on Twitter and one of my followers approached me about it and we had a talk. A designer herself, she gave me a ton of great advice and helped me to regain my direction. She inspired me to make some changes. 

As of right now, my designs will remain on CafePress but I will start trying to sell my shirts out of my house and have them printed by a local seller. I will also have a fundraiser in the coming weeks. More information on  both at a later date. 

Ashleigh ( I need a siggy. lol)

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