Monday, August 29, 2011


I was not myself yesterday.

I was beating myself up. I was comparing myself to A, B, C and D.

Essentially, I felt like crap.

Normally, I'm a private person. It's hard for me to open up so it took me hours to muster up the courage to type this post. I don't want come off as a sap but I figure typing a post like this might help someone that is experiencing similar feelings.

I am a social media fiend. I use it every day, throughout the day. As I scroll through my news feeds and time lines, I see people raving about their new internship, apartment, kitchen sink and etc. I love seeing people experience the joy that comes with a new accomplishment but sometimes, there's an evil little voice in the back of my head.

"Why don't you have that?"

"What's wrong with you?"

Sometimes, that little voice sounds like a whisper. Sometimes, it sounds like a shriek. It drives me crazy. But I'm hopeful.

I felt this way when I was still on my Road to Philly. But I ended up in Philly and have several unedited pictures to prove it. I did that and I'm going to do more. I'm going to pull myself out of this funk.

There's a light at the end of my tunnel. There's a light at the end of every tunnel.

Sometimes, I just need a reminder.

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