Friday, August 5, 2011

Philly: Days 2 and 3

It has been a long and exciting two days since I've blogged about my time in Philly. Time to catch up.

On Wednesday, I started my day off with a learning lab co-sponsored by NABJ's Visual and Digital Journalism task forces. The session, titled Multimedia Training: The Innovation, gave attendees an introduction to visual journalism and shared information on how to use technology to enhance a journalist's career. The panelist shared software, social media ideas, and other ways potential multimedia journalists can take their career to the next level. I walked into that session as a print journalist and left wanting to be able to myself a multimedia journalist by next year's convention.

After the lab, me and a group of students went to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch. It was awesome. They had everything. Vendors sold a variety of items including fresh meat, fresh fruit, jewelry, clothing and handmade cosmetics. There were various restaurants that sold a variety of cuisines including Mediterranean, Chinese and Italian.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do much after the learning lab and lunch because I had to hold a conference call but thankfully, yesterday made up for that short day.

Yesterday morning, my day began with the Arianna Huffington talk. As expected, there was controversy over NABJ's decision to let her talk and the crowd was met with protesters distributing fliers about Huffington's rumored unwillingness to pay some of her writers. Nonetheless, the event went off without a hitch. Highlights included a personal message from President Obama, a jig, speech and Q&A from Attorney General Eric Holder and a dance from a troupe from Camden, New Jersey. After the Huffington event, I went to a round table that included some of NABJ's 44 founders, who discussed everything from the industry during the 60s and 70s to the founding of NABJ and the Unity controversy. I felt privileged to be apart of that event and it made me proud to be a member of this organization.

When the founders' event was over, I was able to grab lunch with a few other students before heading back to Marriott to "volunteer" with the Digital Journalism task force. I don't want to say why I put the word volunteer into quotes just yet but I would like to give my fellow students a bit of advice: if you're asked to volunteer, do it. Don't ask questions. Just do it.

I ended the night with the Student's Choice Awards. That event was the first time I was able to chill with a large group of students without professionals around. Needless to say, it was a good time to be had by all and I will show you how good of a time it was in another post.

Time for pictures!

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