Monday, August 22, 2011

Vote or Die (er..Not Really)


Today is the LAST day for you to vote for your student representative. At 5PM, the polls will be closed and the votes will be counted. If you haven't voted, I don't know what the heck you're waiting for but you need to do so as soon as possible.

It is obvious where my allegiance lies, but we have two qualified candidates. Two students that are willing to be our only voice on the NABJ national board. That is a huge task to undertake but Marissa and Wesley are willing to step up and take it. The least we can do for them is vote. It takes less than a minute. Check the box and you're done. No bells and whistles. No jumping through hoops.

Last time, only 140 of us voted. There are over 1000 of us. There are 465 members in the NABJ students Facebook group and 766 people following the NABJ students Twitter page. I am aware that students aren't the only ones in these social media groups but we probably make up the majority. If we can click a "like" or "follow" button, we check that ballot box. We have no excuse. I don't pay $43 a year to be in this organization to rest on my laurels. If I have a voice, I'm going to use it. I love this organization and I want to see it grow. We are the future of this organization. If we are complacent now, what will happen to NABJ 10 years from now?

If you're undecided, I understand. We have two great candidates. It can be hard to choose between them. I get it. However, both of them have websites and both are easily accessible on Facebook and Twitter. Indecisiveness isn't a reason not to vote.

Hopefully, you will heed these word and check that little box. If not, I hope you get your money's worth.

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